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Zitsick Vs Zidslick

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ZH27 Story > ZH27 website & compilation

This mixed use cdr has an audio compilation plus the final ZH27.org 2005 website. In 2006 ZH27 was moved to blogs like this one and this cdr has a final copy of the ZH27.org site as of the end of 2005.

The Best of Zidsic - Break 'yo Ears- Minóymix

Ever wonder what one of my tapes would sound like if they were mixed and combined by somebody besides myself? For the first three tapes I requested people who had more than 20 of my tapes to mix and munch them to their own content. The best-of works are by Tom Furgas, Minóy and Nick respectively. Each one of them is quite unique, varied and provides a fascinating cross-section of my recording history.

The Best of Zidsic - The Confessions (by nick) of Keona Plumber

The Best of Zidsic - The ToFu Selection

Feeling Groovy

Feeling Groovy is a 15 minute tape with fun hits culled from various ZH27 tapes made between 1984-86. It features Capt. Dunbar & Zanstones, the Prostitution of Absurdity, Zidbovinesick, New Sport Banned and Zanstones.

No Mistakes for Epitapes

No Mistakes for Epitapes is a selection of tracks circa 1986 that I compiled for release by Mike Tetrault's label Epitapes. This is a good sample of my earlier recordings.

Themes for Complications

Themes for Complications is an assemblage of contributions to compilations by various groups on the ZH27 label (circa '86-'87). Much of it is weird noisy but fun experimentalism including two classic Hailey Mills songs: the grueling ballad "Hailey Mills, I Love You" and the fanciful "Hailey Mills and Bob the Dog." The groups involved are Zanstones, Zanoisect, Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art and Zidbolt Swinesect.

Themes for Complications - Dead Ashes Whisper

From 1994 there are some tracks I submitted to themes devised by Epitapes, and thus the sequel Dead Ashes Whisper. These feature old and new tracks digitally enhanced for your listening pleasure. Included are recordings from As the Funeral Procession Alights on the Tip of a Spire, Devi's Augur, Adam Bohman and me live in Louisville in 1991, my experiment for broken-down tape decks "Asa Nisi Masa", a recording of the Harry Bertoia sculpture in Chicago and more.

Themes for Complications 2000

In 2000 I eagerly submitting tracks to compilations once more and accordingly assembled the third volume of Themes for Complications. This time though, as opposed to the previous volumes, all tracks here are unique remixes. This is for a nice reason - the compilation submissions are unique and so are the mixes on this release... the best of both worlds. This release features tracks by Zanstones, Zanoisect and Larb.

ZH27 Auf Deutsch

ZH27 Auf Deutsch is a long intended release of songs sung in German. Includes works by Grandbrother (unreleased live show expert), Running Stomach Stew, and a whole slew of Bodycocktail songs.